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Pastor Schultz

Pastor Schultz

Rev. Ronald C. Schultz is currently serving as Pastor at Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church in Harbor Beach, Mi. To read Pastor Schultz's complete biography please click here.

Martin Luther and the Reformation + 500th Anniversary

October 31, 1517 – October 31, 2017

The Church in Heaven and Earth celebrates the Reformation of all the saints, through Dr. Martin Luther. The Church was transformed by this return to God’s Word. Before the new millennium, Scholars through-out the world determined that of all the changes in the last 2,000 years, The Reformation of Martin Luther changes more lives Spiritually, politically and as to scholarship than any other even of the years 1,000 to 2,000 AD.


To this end we are celebrating the Reformation’s 500th Anniversary this fall with a special video study between Sunday worship services: 9:15 – 10:00 am. A MAN NAMED MARTIN, PART 3 THE MOVEMENT will be shown, discussed and enjoyed here at Zion. 


This is such a great video and encouragement that everyone should attend this. It does not matter if you are a scholar of God’s Word or new to the Scriptures. We follow “Schultz’s Rules.” 1. You do not have to read aloud in class. We ask for volunteers to read. 2. There are no exams or tests, or memory verses. 3. If a word is not pronounceable, or difficult, we move on by saying, “HARD WORD.”


Everyone can enjoy this. Pastor Ron Schultz

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I've spoken a number of times about what Compassion is during Lent. I got this from the Michigan district site today.

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I get emails from this group (American Decency) here in Michigan. Their leader, Bill Johnson, is quite an inspiring person himself, but knows also who to quote. Fellas, this is a lady’s point of view. Here is good medicine to take for Valentine’s Day…

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It’s that time of year when Roman Catholics and Lutherans celebrate and promote their parochial schools. Are Christian schools worth the cost?

I may not remember this accurately, but

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Hosting an Art Gallery at Church

Posted: 05 Sep 2014 07:17 AM PDT


“That’s very interesting. I’d love to see it.” So the conversation turned.

We had been discussing many things: politics, weather, where to find the best enchilada, cigars, the pros and cons of various pieces of motorcycle gear, books read, things written, and finally my vocation as a pastor.

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Pastor John Piper:
…is an active pastor, yet also former Pastor of a very large congregation in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, and quite a writer.
He writes, "Much to my parents’ concern, I hadn’t been to church for a long time. And yet here I was, in my first term at university, sliding into a pew at St Ebbe’s Church in Oxford.
This, I can promise you, was not the result of any pious yearning on my part. Rather, it was because the congregation counted among its number a particularly lovely second-year student of modern languages.

Where earnest parental pleading had failed, she had proved to be rather more convincing.

Incidentally, or so it seemed, it was at St Ebbe’s that I met Tony. Knowing that he was the student worker at the church, I politely agreed to meet him for a coffee one afternoon in his study.

It was underwhelming. We looked at a few paragraphs of the Bible together. Then he asked me to explain to him what I’d just read, because apparently even a person in his position can lack basic comprehension skills. Then he asked me how he could be praying for me. Finally, he wondered if I’d like to do it all over again next week. Presumably he was very lonely indeed, so I said yes, and the routine continued throughout the winter, and into the spring.

That six-month stretch turned out to be the pivotal moment of my life. During those meetings, Tony taught me to stop reading the Bible. Or rather, he taught me to stop merely reading the Bible. He encouraged me to act on what I was reading. Trust it. Obey it. Put it into practice. Live it out, so that I would discover, in my own experience, that God’s word was good. Even when (perhaps especially when) it cut across my deepest and most cherished desires and convictions.
This, I discovered, is what it meant to “taste and see that the LORD is good.”

Pastor Ron Schultz:
I prepare sermons and Bible Studies and all manner of devotions each week. As a result, I find that I could do these things because it is "my job." This is a trap for both pastors and people everywhere. This is a pretty sad way, and reason, to handle God's Holy Things: His Word, Sacraments and other opportunities that come to me to proclaim our Lord Jesus. Pastor Piper's devotion made me wonder where am I with God's Word. Am I reading it and applying it according to the power of God's Holy Spirit or am I just reading alone.

Something to think about. [And pray about!] Pastor Schultz
Monday, July 21, 2014


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This comes from Ken Ham and the answers in Genesis people. Dare I say that this applies to other "religious" movies that fall far from the mark. Pastor Schultz

A group of Answers in Genesis staff attended the opening of Noah last night in a local movie theater. With all the Hollywood hype and news surrounding the controversial film,we were surprised at the low turnout, with only twelve other people in the theater.

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Here is some information from Dr. Paul Maier that we should read. So please continue reading...

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Right now in our weekend Bible Studies we are examining the Lost Books of the Bible. We find the following documents to be FALSE teachings and we reject them as such. Can you find scripture in our Holy Bible that proves these books to be FALSE?

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One of the best things about getting older is the fact that you have met so many people. You admire them from afar, but they are people who can encourage you none the less.

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After yesterday's snow [and ice and white-outs south of Harbor Beach all the way to the Ohio State line] I got to think how much I appreciate Zion's Parsonage. There are lots of room, and rooms, to use. They are warm. My home office is still a "work in progress" since I use the office in the church-school building the most right now.


How many times as a confirmation student did I think of giving thanks as Luther put it, "For house, home..."? Lots! I had to memorize this again and again; but now I know it personally.


Thank you, Lord, for the people who painted, repaired and got the parsonage ready for Chris and I to move in. Thank you for magic-snow that leaves the front sidewalk. Thanks, Ken! Then there are... this list has no end; but be aware of this, "I give thanks for you all!"  + Pastor Ron Schultz

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I got this from the Michigan District newsletter. thinking of Harbor Beach and their welcoming attitude I thought this might say a lot to people who wonder, "What is Pastor Schultz all about?"

FROM The MI District: On more than one occasion, someone in the community has asked me what I do for a living. Here is how the conversation invariably goes: "What do you do for living?” “I am a pastor.” “Oh, so you’re like a youth pastor or something?” To which I respond: “No, I am just a youthful pastor.”

When visiting parishioners at the hospital I typically go to the information desk to verify that I have the correct room number. The receptionists are perpetually shocked that a person of my age could be a pastor. One of them even told me: “Wow! You are way too young to be a pastor. You’re just a boy!”

I was performing a wedding at a congregation in the midst of a prolonged vacancy. At the rehearsal, the mother of the bride pulled me aside and said, and I quote, “I am glad that we have a young pastor doing the wedding and not some moldy, old pastor.”

Since my ordination, I have heard the following statement about a dozen times: “We just love the youthful excitement of a young pastor.”

These stories coalesce around a common theme: The pastoral office has been confused. Some assume that a pastor must be old in order to be effective. Others assume that a pastor must be young in order to be relevant. And some want their pastor to be an impossible amalgamation of young and old at the exact same time.

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I'd like to pr this and get a group to go from Zion to there for this conference.

It's Feb 22nd at Messiah, near Midland, MI.

I'd fill my van for this. what do you think?  Pastor Schultz


This winter, the Michigan District presents its Theological Conferences on Church, State, and CULTURE at five locations (two simulcast). These conferences cover a relevant, significant, and critically important topic for Christians to understand, especially in this day and age, and under the circumstances in which we live. We are especially grateful that God has blessed us with three knowledgeable, interesting, and engaging presenters. Rev. Dr. Korey Maas ... Rev. Dr. Dale Meyer ... Rev. Dr. Joel Lehenbauer ... Although it is important to note that there is no single passage in the Bible that presents everything the Holy Scripture has to say about government or ruling authorities, I would like to take a brief look at Romans 13:1-7 to begin the discussion on the topic of Church, State, and CULTURE. Romans 13 is something of a summation by the Apostle Paul on how he views the Christian's relationship with government.

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