Scholastic $5 Book Coupon

How can you get your Scholastic $5.00 Book Coupon?

Families who purchase two specially marked Kellogg's products (available only at Walmart) will receive a $5 Book Coupon good for one free book valued at $5 or less.  Each specially marked product will have an unique code inside the box.  Enter two unique Kellogg's Codes online and download your coupon.  Redeem your coupon for a children's book of your choice.  Click here to enter your codes online and download your coupon.

This coupon can be redeemed with your class's Scholastic Book Clubs order or at the Scholastic Store Online.

If you collect the Kellogg's unique codes and don't want to use them yourself, please send them in to your child's teacher. 

The offer expires on July 1, 2012.