From The Principal’s Desk

It's Great to be Together!

Message for Lutheran Schools Week

The words "It's great to be together" are heard from those who have gathered together.  The family context may be a Christmas, Easter, anniversary, birthday, or other special celebration.  Friends in Christ celebrate being together.  Gathered for the Divine church service, we rejoice, saying, "It's great to be together in Jesus' name."

In the perfection of Eden, Adam and Eve certainly celebrated their relationship with God and each other, saying, "It's great to be together."  Those perfectly together in the Garden of Eden were suddenly separated by sin.  God and man would never be together again.  Husband and wife would never experience life together in harmony with God and one another.  Brokenness is seen in sibling rivalry and, ultimately, in murder of brother with Cain and Abel.

Lutheran school students, staff, and families live in the reality of broken relationships.  Lutheran schools share the message of the Law that sin separates.  God intervenes in the broken creation with the promise that there will be life together again.  Noah and his faithful family are huddled together on the ark, awaiting new life after the flood.  The family of Israel anticipates life together again in the Promised Land.  A remnant of Judah waits for life together after exile in Babylon.  God's people knew that only He could bring about life together and that His promise would be fulfilled in the Messiah.  Jesus comes as the Life and, by His suffering and death, fulfills all God's promises and brings life now and eternally for all who believe in Him.  

Lutheran school students, staff, and families share the Good News that Jesus is the Life and because of Him we are blessed with life together.  

It's great to celebrate life together in Zion Lutheran School!!