Welcome to Zion!

Zion Lutheran

Missouri Synod

299 Garden Street

Harbor Beach, MI  48441

(989) 479-3615


Our Mission Statement


This mission is carried out by the faithful use of God's Word and His Sacraments. We are all to be in the process of growing as disciples for Jesus.


Welcome Visitors

We, the family of Zion Lutheran Church, extend our warmest welcome and invite you to join with us as we worship, study, join in fellowship, and engage in ministry.  If you have no church home, consider joining a growing, active church and making Zion Lutheran your church.  Visitors are asked to sign our attendance book and include your home address.


Our Lenten Schedule for 2017

March 1 - Ash Wednesday 9am & 7pm

March 8 - The Royal Background 9am & 7pm

March 15 - Royal Beginnings 9am & 7pm

March 22 - Royalty in Action 9am & 7pm

March 29 - Royalty in the Holy City 9am & 7pm

April 5 - The Royal Coronation 9am & 7pm

April 8/9 - Palm Sunday Weekend The Coronation in John

April 13 - Maundy Thursday 7pm (The Lord's Supper)

April 14 - Good Friday 1pm & 7:30pm "Tennebrae"

                (At the Cross)

April 16 - Easter 7am & 10am

                (The Glorious Resurrection of Jesus)


Starting March 26th - The RISE Service will begin at 10:15am

Worship Schedule

Saturday 6 pm - Traditional Service

Sunday 8 am - Traditional Service

Sunday 10:15 am - RISE! Contemporary Service

Bible Study between Services.

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RISE at 10:15

Bible Studies

Sun. 9:15 am - @ Zion
  The Truth Project

Thank you

We served 1054 German Dinners this year.

Thank you very much!